Art & Design

To make people free is the aim of art, therefore art for me is the science of freedom. — Joseph Beuys

As a creative professional I feel at home in many media. Below examples demonstrate the wide range of my experience. Themes may connect to intellectual curiosities and/or my emotional landscape at the time.

My creative activities represent learning processes, and the purpose of these projects is to elicit transformational experiences in myself and the audience.


Summer Musings

I recently opened a small art studio in the center of my village in Austria. The empty space of a former beer bar serves as my creative heaven during the summer as well as a community space for those who want to stop by and watch and/or participate. During the year, I am extremely busy with teaching and consulting internationally, and having this summer studio grounds me in my heritage and helps me regenerate. The pastel drawings of summer 2014, seen below, connect to the experience of feeling grounded in my culture (playful roosters on the lower row). On the more serious side of the summer events, my digestion of the death of my dear friend, Brooks Britt, who transitioned in June, is reflected in the reeds series (upper row) which point to transitions, the space between earth and sky, the last of which expresses ascension. 

Atelier in Mörbisch

Exhibition Design

The below examples of exhibition graphics are from my engagement with the North Carolina Museum of Art in the late 1990s. This experience allowed me to explore large scale design for impact, and I learned a lot from my collaborator, Senior Curator of Design and Master Exhibit Designer, Eric Gaard.

Installation and Performance Art

This installation and performance art piece about DNA Structures demonstrates a pattern in my work, the bringing together of different disciplines, in this case art, design, fiction writing, composing sound sculptures, group facilitation, and audience participation. It is the audience who actually finishes the work. This piece was exhibited at the Frankie G. Weems Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the late 90s. It opened with a participatory performance that involved movement, and it closed with the purposeful deconstruction of the space and a dance performance.

Installation and Performance Art

This installation and performance piece with audience participation about Graphic Design & Capitalism took place in Brooks Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the mid-90s depicting my interest in bringing philosophy to graphic design for self-critique.

Traditional Media

This section demonstrates the many media in which I work: oil, printmaking, photo etching, drawing, sculpting. This work is from the mid- to late-90s.

Book Arts

This section shows two of my early hand-crafted books. Synergy was a collaboration with artist and fiction writer, Melinda Fine. Journey was a sequential collage, my first assignment in design school in the early 90s.