Biomimicry Design Challenges

The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge is an annual competition to which students and professionals from around the world are invited to address critical sustainability issues by looking to nature as a model, mentor, and measure. Below are several submissions by student teams from SCAD Lacoste and Savannah, and the University of Applied Sciences in Austria.

LOOP: Converting Waste to Treasure

LOOP project was completed during Spring 2015 in Lacoste, France. Below listed are some of the Biomimicry Design Challenge submission materials. From the top: a video pitch for our biomimetic innovation, followed by a video documentation of our visit to the WorldEXPO 2015 in Milan which was focused on food issues vis-a-vis a growing world population. Two presentations are offered next, elaborating on the Biomimicry process used for this innovation and describing the details of the actual innovation.


Project Overview, video pitch by Daniel Cheon.

SCAD at WorldEXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy, video by Daniel Cheon.


This project was submitted to Ocean Exchange Big Pitch and the Global Biomimicry Design Challenge competitions. It made it into the eight finalists for Ocean Exchange Big Pitch (student award):


The group’s work was also featured on the Biomimicry Institute Global Design Challenge website and social networks.


SCAD School of Design Lacoste 2015 - Biomimicry Progress Report, video by Daniel Cheon.

Source: Blog post

SCAD School of Design Lacoste 2015 - Biomimicry Global Food Systems Challenge: Innovating and Evaluating, video by Daniel Cheon.

Source: Newsletter


One-Day Biomimicry Design Charette

In this video a documentation of a one-day Biomimicry design charette is offered. Students from various disciplines (life sciences, industrial design, engineering, and environmental management) collaborated for a day to particpate in the 2013/14 Biomimicry Design Challenge competition. 


Design Charette Documentary


Challenge Videos

The 2-min. videos below were part of the submission packages for several annual Biomimicry Student Design Challenges in which some of my students participated.


Sym City — A.N.T.S

Biosthetics — was a finalist in the Biomimicry Design Challenge 2013/14


Oh Ship!

Off the Richter — Earthquake Relief