Consulting Approach

My approach to consulting is creative, engages all the senses, and is aimed at generating transformative experiences and extraordinary results.

Consulting is, for me, the mastering of balance, agility, and synchrony in order to create the conditions for individuals and organizations to change, innovate and achieve.

Most of my engagements fall under one of these genres: strategy, organizational transformation, leadership development, or innovation of forms, processes, or systems. I consult organizations of varying sizes, and many of my clients are global corporations.

I have collected two decades of consulting experience that began with a boutique design business that I focused on corporate branding in the mid-1990s. From there, I moved into communication across cultures and helped organizations with issues of diversity, which lead me to leadership development and organizational transformation. When I began to work in sustainability, I moved to strategy and the system sciences, and eventually to innovation which also brought me back to design. My passion belongs to designing human systems for sustainable futures, and I believe that nature is our primary teacher. I have observed that natural systems are resilient, adaptable, and based on cooperative relationships which is also true of thriving organizations. If this message rings true for you, my enthusiasm for your cause will be endless.