Facilitating Creative Thinking

The photos, process books, and videos below demonstrate creative engagement methods used in design thinking strategic sessions, designed and facilitated by students. Topics may focus on social, cultural, economic, environmental, technical, or financial issues, and beyond.


Increasing Volunteerism and Participation

SCAD student's video and process book showcasing the design and facilitation of creative engagement methods applied to increasing volunteerism and participation in a parent association at a US-based elementary school.


Food Day

Below images demonstrate how ideas can become action. In the face-to-face Facilitating Creative Thinking class at SCAD during spring 2013,  students chose a venue in town to which they wanted to contribute and learn from (Food Day). They designed and organized their contribution to the event from conception to execution, using visual mapping as part of their planning. On event day, they interacted with the public and collected data for the venue organizers.

New Approaches to the Long-Form Article

A SCAD student project working with a publishing house on improving one of their product series.


Creative solutions to the problem of pet waste

A SCAD student project working with a local homeowner's association on addressing a common challenge in the neighborhood.


Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

In Spring of 2015, SCAD students worked with the leadership and community advocates of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary to help them improve their strategy for reaching diverse audiences.

Design Charette


Strategic Visioning Workshop


Process Book for Client

Fig & Flower Natural Beauty

A SCAD student project to help the a local business owner.