Graphic Design Student Work

Teaching at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) was exciting due to the extremely diverse community that gathers in that institution. Working with CCSF students, staff, and faculty was always a very interesting learning experience during my tenure at CCSF. I am eternally grateful for these learnings.

While I no longer teach graphic design as a single subject, my experience in practicing and teaching visual communication is still a significant part of my life as a consultant and an educator.

Data Visualization Poster and Video

Below featured: data visualization poster and the accompanying video presentation from a design management student at SCAD in the Idea Visualization class, one of our core courses in the program.


Infographic Poster


Idea Visualization Portfolio

Featured below: data visualization poster and the accompanying video, a figure drawing exercise in video format, and the entire portfolio from the Idea Visualization class. This is the work of a SCAD graphic design student taking this class as an elective in the Design Management Program.


Infographic poster

Video: Welcome to Food Truck 101 we will be taking a road trip to explore the food truck industry. There will be a few ups and downs on our journey so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Video: Idea Visualization • Rapidly communicate visually and efficiently with a wide audience or a small peer group • Develop a personal inventory of easy and rapid drawings that can be used to convey activities, identify and solve problems, and state compelling ideas and stories • Use graphic abstractions and storytelling to pitch a concrete idea.


Reconsider 911

This poster exhibit was created by CCSF graphic design students shortly after the 911 event in order to digest the experience. The exhibit was very well received and traveled to several academic libraries around the world, making it all the way to Afghanistan.

Theater Posters

CCSF is home to almost 100,000 international students and offers hundreds of majors, including Theater Arts. Designing, producing, and printing the posters in our own printing facilities for the theater performances was a highlight for many students.