Graphic Recording

Also known as Visual Facilitation (and by other terms), this body of work includes large-scale panels completed in real time to capture conversations with visual language (words, images, symbols). This work includes deep listening, consolidation of complex information represented in appropriate hierarchies, working under time pressure on a stage in front of, sometimes, hundreds of people, and, of course, drawing and lettering. These panels are often at least 4 x 8 feet large, and reflect, on average, a two-hour conversation. Materials used are soft pastels and markers.

Some pioneers in this field, who also publish on this genre, are Nancy Margulies, Christine Valenza, and David Sibbet. I first came across graphic recording in 2004  when I served on a large-scale international project as an intercultural communication consultant.

Examples of Client Work

Demonstration Videos

Time lapse videos to demonstrate the process of Graphic Recording.


Visual Facilitation Workshop

Teaching visual facilitation to sustainability leadership students in Karlskrona, Sweden.

Animated Storytelling

Graphic recording methods used for promotional video for university client.