Kinesthetic Creative Engagement

In my experience of facilitating diverse groups it is best to engage multiple senses. Kinesthetic creative engagement works for a lot of people because it serves multiple channels of meaning-making and triggers visual, somatic, and emotional responses. In this body of work, I usually engage them in the actual kinesthetic experience first because it elicits intuitive knowing. Thereafter, we tease the verbal messages to the surface by interpreting the sensory clues experienced and expressed in the (co-)created artifact, unearthing multiple layers of meaning that often surprise participants.

Kinesthetic Modeling 

In this kinesthetic modeling activity Information Management students in Austria are addressing a communication challenge. After some warm-up activities they collaborate on building a model (solution to the design challenge) in silence for about 30 minutes. Thereafter, they interpret the built artifact through several layers.

Kinesthetic Modeling demonstration at Seattle University

Working with Organization Systems Renewal® learning community, Seattle, WA.

Visual Storytelling

Public workshop held in Vancouver, Canada, to engage conference participants in alternative storytelling techniques.