Strategic Visioning

Strategic Visioning involves designing and facilitating a process for a group which applies collaborative creative engagement toward creating a definition of a desired future and an actionable roadmap towards its fulfillment. After addressing the challenge and dialoguing in various forms, the final group outcomes may be strategic plans, often expressed in visual maps. Below listed are a few examples of such strategic visioning sessions, these are usually part of a longer client engagement that may also include coaching and support with organizational design and leadership.

Please note that I cannot showcase corporate client work due to NDA agreements customary in the corporate world. My client list is available upon request.

Strategic Visioning with Austrian Educators

I supported this group of Montessori teachers K-12 with several sessions to help them coordinate approach and curriculum throughout for the various class levels. The first session was focused on defining a strategically important theme (a "living mindfulness practice") that they wanted to highlight throughout the school year and across the various levels and class curricula. Other sessions involved dialogues within collaborating teams about how to bring a mindfulness practice to their teachings and to student learning, and how to measure success. The outcomes included concrete action plans that expressed their intent and guided their actions. 

Strategic Visioning with University Department in Sweden 

This group of faculty, staff, and administrators wanted to grow together as a team and align under a common vision. We spent three days in an eco-retreat center, carving out their vision and action plan, which they then executed over the duration of the following 18 months.


Vision Maps for Small Non-Profit in California

These vision maps were created to track several dialogue sessions spread over the course of a month. This group needed to redesign their organization and set new vision and goals. The outcome was a detailed action plan that was executed over the course of the following 12 months.


Strategic Visioning with Entrepreneurs on Bainbridge Island, WA

This was a group of professionals who were exploring alternative ways of strategizing through creative engagement while they were MBA students at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Each team walked away with a strategic vision and actions steps toward realizing it.